About Jenny...

​For some girls it's shoes and clothes...for Jenny it's makeup and seeing someone's beauty come to life with just a little color!  From a young girl she loved putting on makeup and putting makeup on others.  She started working in the dental field in high school and went on to college  at the University of Arkansas and graduated with a bachelor's degree from the  UAMS Dental Hygiene school in 2002.  She continues to work in this field and loves it.  With her love of makeup and helping women feel beautiful she has put this work into action and opened up Bare.  Part of her desire for the business is to make women feel beautiful and natural in their bare skin.   She has 2 small boys, 2 dogs and 2 cats that keep her busy!  She desired to be able to run to her workout classes, the store, the ball field  or errands with just a little color already on her face.  This is where her dream started to unfold.  With extensive training, research, and many hours studying, she received her license as a Permanent Cosmetic Artist and was later certified in Microblading.  She offers hair stroke brows (microblading,  Softap or a hybrid),  eyeliner, full lip color, areola restoration, scar camouflage, cheek color, and needling.  With her experience in the dental hygiene field she understands the importance of  infection control and sterilization.  And because of her role as a dental hygienist her steady hand, attention to detail and interest in health has helped her to become a great micropigmentation artist.  With permanent makeup you can wake up looking refreshed but also add more of your own makeup over it for a night out or anytime you want to look more glam.  She is always open to educate patients on the best look for them and can consult over the phone/ text or in person at her office.    For client photos, check out her Facebook page (Bare) and Instagram (@bare.pigment).